Letter to Y9 Parents\Carers

Worcester Road Campus – Year 9 Survey

Happy New Year to you. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year holiday.

Thank you to everybody who returned the Year 9 questionnaires. We had a total of 33 responses, with 79% (26/33) wanting their children to stay on the Worcester Road Campus.  7 responses expressed a preference for their child to be educated on the Corndon Crescent Campus.

On this basis, the 7 who expressed an interest in moving to the Corndon Crescent Campus can do so and 2 teaching groups will remain on the Worcester Road Campus. We will check with the parents concerned that they still wish their children to move to the Corndon Crescent Campus in September 2017.  Two Year 10 teaching groups will commence in September 2017 and will complete their GCSE studies on the Worcester Road Campus in June 2019.

The above allows those parents and students who wish to remain on the Worcester Road Campus to do so and those who have expressed a preference to move to Corndon Crescent Campus will be allowed to do so.

Should you have any queries or questions to ask on this matter please contact Lynne Beeston (l.beeston@sat.coop / 01743 231052) in the first instance who will bring these to my attention.


Yours sincerely

Geoff Pettengell NLE


Shrewsbury Academies Trust

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