Lockdown Letter

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4th October 2018

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)


I am writing to inform you of Shrewsbury Academy’s lockdown drill that is due to take place on Monday 8th October 2018. Following this date, lockdown drills will take place annually.

During a lockdown, staff members will keep pupils indoors for a period of time, rather than use outdoor areas, open spaces or corridors. The drill will be timed to ensure it causes the least possible disruption to pupils’ learning, whilst providing a test of the lockdown procedures.

It is essential we carry out this drill, so that in the case of a real emergency situation, staff are fully rehearsed in their responsibilities and duties, and in order to identify any potential areas for improvement.

Staff members will be instructed to remain calm at all times, so that pupils do not get distressed. The drill process will be explained to pupils beforehand during [registration/assembly]. We hope the lockdown procedure will never have to be used, but need to ensure we are fully prepared for all situations.

Shrewsbury Academy’s lockdown procedure will come into effect in the following circumstances:

• In the event that an unauthorised person(s) considered dangerous, are on school grounds.

• In instances, including domestic breakdowns, where estranged parties are attempting to abduct pupils.

• In instances where personnel, pupils, volunteers or staff become a threat to the wellbeing of others.

• In emergency situations where there is a risk from poisonous fumes or a chemical spillage.

• If a dangerous animal is on the premises.

• In an extreme weather event causing the pupils to be at risk.

After the Headteacher has given direction for the lockdown drill to commence, the following procedures will be rehearsed:

• Headteacher / Senior Leadership Team will telephone all buildings to announce the drill. This call will be repeated.

• Headteacher / Senior Leadership Team will circulate the main buildings to announce the

lockdown drill.

• Teachers will direct pupils inside, by the nearest entry point, to the nearest building.

• Teachers will lock all exterior doors.

• All windows will be secured and blinds closed.

• Teachers will reassure pupils throughout the procedure.

• Pupils will be directed away from doors and windows.

• Nobody will be allowed in or out of any building for the duration of the drill.

• At the end of the drill Headteacher / Senior Leadership Team will telephone all buildings to announce an ‘all clear’.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Mrs O’Shea on 01743 276700 or w.tolhurstjones@sa.sat.coop.


Yours faithfully

Mr J Arnold

Headteacher – Shrewsbury Academy

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