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Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)

Re: Changes to the School Day

I am writing to notify you of some changes to the school day that will come into effect from September 2019.

I have reviewed many of the Academy routines this year and, having had experience of alternative systems that are more effective, I decided to review some options. Following consultation with staff, students and parents and with the full support of the Governing Body and Trust Board I have decided to implement the following changes from the beginning of the Autumn term.

  • The school day will now consist of 4 lessons, each lasting for 80 minutes, as opposed to 5 lessons of one hour. This is to provide deeper learning experiences and to reduce the number of times that students are moving around the school.
  • Students will now follow a 1 week timetable, rather than the current 2 week timetable. This brings increased consistency and solves any issues of potential confusion regarding what lessons a student has. This will be particularly helpful with practical subjects such as PE and Food.
  • Tutor Period will remain a vital part of the day for students, but it will take place at the end of the day, so that Period 1 starts promptly at 08:45am. Many successful schools around the country have taken similar steps to this and consequently learning is much more focused. Furthermore punctuality and attendance are dramatically improved.
  • The end of the school day will change from a 3:00pm finish to a 3:10pm finish.
  • Session 6 will now become Session 5. The introduction of the extra voluntary session at the end of the school day has proved to be both very popular and beneficial in raising standards. Session 5 will run from 3:15pm to 4:00pm from September 2019.

I am confident that these changes will provide a better experience for all stakeholders and furthermore support students in achieving greater success in the future.

Yours sincerely

Mr Jon Arnold

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