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Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)

I write to inform you of some changes to the School detention system. In line with the imminent changes to the school day that I have communicated with you that are to start in September 2019, there is a need to change our current system.

From Monday 3rd June 2019, when we have returned from the May half term break, we will be trialling a new detention system. By doing this we hope to iron out any of the issues that arise in order for a much smoother transition and workable system to be put in place for the new Academic Year in September.

Details of the new system are as follows.

Students who have received a C3 in a lesson, or have not behaved in an appropriate manner outside of lessons, will be set a 45 minute detention that will take place that afternoon. Text messages will be sent to parents/carers to notify them of the need for their child to stay behind by 2:00pm. If an incident occurs after 2:00pm, texts will be sent to inform parents/carers that their child will be required in detention the following school day.

We fully appreciate that there are some incidents when students will not be able to attend a detention, such as pre-arranged medical appointments or family bereavements. In these instances we request that parents/carers contact the school to notify us of this and in these instances students will attend detention on the next school day. If a student does not attend they will be placed in Isolation the next day.

If in the rare instance a student accumulates more than one detention in a single day, they will be placed in isolation on the following day.

I hope that by bringing a new, more stringent system, all students are able to continue to make excellent progress.


Yours sincerely

Mr J Arnold

Headteacher – Shrewsbury Academy

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