Shrewsbury Academy Fundraisers 50/50 Club

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Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)


Re: Shrewsbury Academy Fundraisers 50/50 Club


Welcome to the Shrewsbury Academy 50/50 club lottery. This lottery has been set up specifically to raise money and make a difference to our children. (Aged 18 or over under lottery regulations)

It’s a fantastic way to bring parents, carers, staff, and the wider community together in partnership with our school, and at the same time give something back.

We hope to raise funds that can support and enrich the education of our children. We aim to provide extra resources and improve the school environment as well as run extra-curricular activities.

You can join the 50/50 Club by purchasing tickets for £1 per month. Each ticket will enter you into a monthly draw. You can purchase more than one ticket. The cash prize for the winning ticket is 50% of funds raised from ticket sales. The other half is retained by Shrewsbury Academy. Hence the name 50/50 Club!

2019 Cash Prize Draw Dates:

28th June 2019 26th July 2019 30th August 27th September 2019
25th October 2019 29th November 27th December 2019

This is a great way to support Shrewsbury Academy and help raise extra funds that make such a difference to your child. Thank you for your support, Shrewsbury Academy Fundraisers.

To join the 50/50 Club please complete the form below and return it to school marked “FAO: Mrs Tudor. 50/50 Club”

You have to be in it for a chance to win it!!

Application to Join Shrewsbury Academy 50/50 Club

Name:——————————————————————-would like to join Shrewsbury Academy 50/50 Club.

Telephone Number: ————————————————-E-mail Address: ———————————————-

Address: ————————————————————————————————————————————

Child Name and Form: —————————————————————————————————————-

I wish to purchase ____ticket(s) at £1 each per month for entry to 7 draws (£1 per draw). I enclose total payment of £___in cash/cheque (made payable to Shrewsbury Academy)

Applicant will receive acknowledgement of their number(s) allocated in writing or email.

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