Yr 10 Mock exams

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Dear Parents/Carers


Please see below Year 10 timetable for their forthcoming mock examinations which are taking place from 20th June 2019 until 28th June 2019.


Please discuss the schedule with your child and ensure they attend these examinations. It is extremely important that ALL students revise for their examinations as they are very important for their future careers.


Year 10 End of Year Exams




AM Exam Break – (11:05 – 11:25) Lesson 3 Lunch (12:25 -1:00) PM Exam
Thursday   20th June Maths Paper 1 – 1hr 30 mins. Normal Lesson History



21st June


1hr 45mins.

Normal Lesson Geography

1hr 30 mins.


24th June


Writing – 1 hr.

Reading – 1 hr.

Normal Lesson Biology (Core)

1hr 15 mins.

Biology (Triple)

1hr 45 mins


25th June

Maths Paper 2 1hr 30 mins. Normal Lesson Food and Nutrition 1hr 45 mins.
Wednesday 26th June Chemistry (Core)

1hr 15 mins.

Chemistry (Triple)

1hr 45 mins.

Normal Lesson Physics (Core)

1hr 15 mins.


Physics (Triple)

1hr 45 mins.


27th June

Maths Paper 3 1hr. 30 mins. Normal Lesson PE

1 hr. 15 mins.


28th June

Music – 1 hr.

Drama – 1hr 30mins.

Normal Lesson Product Design

2 hrs.


1hr 30mins.


  • Morning exams start at 9:15 – Pupils are expected to attend registration as normal then make their way to the hall at 9:05am.


  • Year 10 will be on late break and early lunch for the exam period.


  • Afternoon exams start at 1:05pm. Pupils are expected to make their way to the exam venue at the end of lunch.


  • At the end of both morning and afternoon examinations pupils are to return to their normal lesson.


  • Any pupils without an examination in any session MUST go to their normal lesson.


We would like to wish all Year 10 students the very best of luck in their forthcoming mock exams.


Yours faithfully

Mr M Delafield

Assistant Head (Exams)

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