RE: English Literature Early Entry leavers 2021

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13th January 2020

RE: English Literature Early Entry leavers 2021


Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)

As part of the school’s strategy for raising standards in English, it was decided that your child would be part of a pilot group for early entry in GCSE English Literature. Since September 2018, your child has been studying the core texts for GCSE English Literature within their English lessons to help them prepare fully for the examinations and feel confident with the range of texts that they need to study for this qualification. Since 2015, the course has become more challenging for students, which is why we started to introduce the texts early and help them to develop their skills so that they are ready to succeed.

Following the recent performance of students in the mock examinations before Christmas and in their current responses to exam-styled questions, as a Faculty we have made the decision that continuing with our pilot for early entry with our current Year 10 cohort would not be in our students’ best interests. In our analysis of their current attainment, we believe that:

  • Currently, the maturity of students’ writing and responses is not as sophisticated as the necessary standards for them to be able to achieve the higher bands of the assessment criteria.
  • Some students have gaps in their knowledge of the key texts that will limit their ability to confidently discuss the questions on the exam paper.
  • In order for students to be able to achieve higher grades in both GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language, they still need to develop and refine their analytical skills and wider perspectives further to access the higher grades.

Overall, we strongly feel that the positives of gaining another year to develop and grow as analytical readers and writers will lead to better outcomes and progress in the summer of 2021. The work completed so far, is still vital to their success in these exams as the majority of year 11 will be focused on English Language skills, giving pupils three months at the end of year 10 to close all gaps and prepare for the demands of year 11.

With language being the key focus for year 11, we will be offering Literature Session 5s and revision/holiday workshops to continue to develop these skills. English Language has many transferable skills so will help to improve and develop their maturity as writers and readers as they approach the summer exams of 2021.

Yours sincerely


Miss C Jackson

Head of English



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