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RE: English Literature Early Entry leavers 2021

PDF version (click here)   13th January 2020 RE: English Literature Early Entry leavers 2021   Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s) As part of the school’s strategy for raising standards in English, it was decided that your child would be part of a pilot group for early entry in GCSE English Literature. Since September 2018, your child has been studying the core texts for GCSE English Literature within their English lessons to help... Read more...

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Letters to Parents – Assemblies – 20th Dec 2019

PDF version of this document – click here   Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s) We will be delivering assemblies to all year groups the week beginning 06/01/2020, the content is based around the Prevent strategy and we will be covering subjects such as extremism, racism and terrorism. We appreciate that these subjects can be upsetting and challenging for your child to understand We have chosen to follow Government guidance and NSPCC resources which... Read more...

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Headteachers Letter – December 2019

PDF version of the Headteachers Letter – click here   20th December 2019   Dear Parents/Carers   It has been a very busy and very exciting half term at Shrewsbury Academy. It has been a pleasure to watch as students have grown into the new routine of the school day. I am delighted that the Student Council have fedback that students are really enjoying being able to talk to each... Read more...

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Child Exploitation letter

Please click here for the original letter – PDF   Dear Parents/Carers, Child Exploitation: Time to Listen The young people who attend our schools continually face a changing and challenging world. Both at home and at school, we are aware that parents/carers and school staff all encourage our young people to make good choices when they are given freedom and independence. Sometimes they face pressure from a number of different... Read more...

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Headteachers Letter – October 2019

PDF version of this letter   25th October 2019 Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s) I would like to extend my thanks to you for your support towards the school during the first half term of the academic year. It has been lovely to hear from so many of you about the positive effects brought about by the changes to the school since September 2019. I hope that the hard work that has gone... Read more...

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Updated Term Dates – PD Days!

Please see attached Letter in original format – PDF   Dear Parents / Carers In order to come in line with the schools at The Marches Academy Trust, we are holding a PD day on Friday 25th October. Details of the schedule of PD days for this academic year are available on the school website.   Yours sincerely Mr J Arnold Headteacher – Shrewsbury Academy  

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Post 16 Choices Event

Original letter in PDF version   Hello! As you are about to enter Year 11 we want to ensure you make an informed decision about what happens when you leave school. The choices available include full-time education, apprenticeships and employment. The range of education and training is vast and, as well as choosing subjects, possible careers and university routes, you also need to understand the levels and types of qualifications.... Read more...

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Headteachers Letter

PDF version – click here Shrewsbury Academy – SMART WAY   Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s) As we approach the end of the Summer term I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you to reflect on many of the highlights from the academic year, including the changes that have taken place and also I am keen to draw your attention to some of the expectations and changes to be aware of... Read more...

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Yr 10 – Drop Down Day

To the Parent(s)/Carer(s) of all Yr. 10 students The school has organised a Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) day to be held on 5th July 2019. These days are important as they provide a chance for us to discuss and inform students about many important social, moral and personal matters that may not be included in the school curriculum. Sometimes this involves discussing quite sensitive issues with students. Our... Read more...

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